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Chanshal peak
Chanshal peak, at 4,520 metres is the highest peak in the Shimla district. One has to cross this peak to reach Dodra and Kwar villages from Shimla and Rohru. 

  • Ski - State government is planning to start Skiing in this area as Chanshal slopes are considered the longest in South Asia and ideal for skiing and related sports activities.

Chanshal Pass
Located at a height of 3,750mts. Chanshal pass is gateway to Dodra and Kwar villages. It is 180 kilometres from Shimla. It is accessible by road from May to October. Chanshal is a mountain range which cut Dodra-Kwar Valley from the Rohru area. 

Larot, the last village before Chanshal pass is almost 60 kms away from Dodra. Earlier Larot used be the road head for Dodra and Kwar villages. 

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